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Client Charter

  1. Targeting Office Space Committee Meeting (JRP) to consider the application of new office space / extension in private buildings by 12 times (once a month;)

  2. Targeting Federal Housing Meeting (JPP) for applications occupy quarters / Flat under-owned Federal Office of Federal Secretary held six (6) times per year (subject to availability of quarters / flats available);

  3. Revenue collection management services payments and commercial space every twenty-five (25) day of each month;

  4. Management application emergency repair work that requires immediate action within three (3) days of receipt;

  5. Ensure the provision of development works and maintenance under 28000 Object used and expended to reach the best possible performance not spending about 90% of the allocation received;

  6. Targeting travel claims, overtime claims and payment of bills paid within 14 days from the date the claim / invoice received in full;

  7. Targeting recruitment / entry PSUPS citizens not less than 80% of the total employment is approved;

  8. Ensure that each complaint be taken within three (3) days of receipt;

  9. Targeting senior PSUPS or attend training at least seven (7) days in a year;

  10. Ensure compliance audit comments are not more than 3% (National Audit Department and Audit JPM);/

  11. Management of tenders / quotations / contracts / extensions processed within three (3) months./



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