ICT Security Officer (ICTSO)

ENCIK Abu Bakar Siddek bin Abindin





088-488881 Ext: 101


Roles of ICT Security Officer (ICTSO)
  1. To ensure all ICT security infrastructures are in accordance with the security principles based on ICT Security Policy Framework and the Government Security Directive;
  2. To prepare and review MAMPU ICT security infrastructure documents for ICT security audit purposes;
  3. To identify MAMPU ICT security areas that would require additional attention;
  4. To ensure the security of MAMPU ICT services and infrastructure at all times;
  5. To ensure all MAMPU officers understand the standard requirements, guidelines and security procedures stated in the Government ICT Security Policy Framework;
  6. To carry out risk assessments and ICT Security programmes in MAMPU;
  7. To prepare an action plan for managing risks from non-compliance to MAMPU ICT security standards, guidelines and procedures;
  8. To report to MAMPU GCERT any ICT security incidence in MAMPU;
  9. To assist in developing ICT standards, guidelines and procedures for ICT applications, systems and infrastructures in MAMPU and ensure compliance to the requirements of the Government ICT Security Policy Framework;
  10. To conduct programmes to increase knowledge and awareness on technology and control mechanism for information and ICT assets; cyber threats as well as the roles and responsibilities of the users while utilising MAMPU ICT facilities;
  11. To disseminate and direct early warnings on potential threats that may result in massive losses to MAMPU ICT assets; and
  12. To manage overall ICT security programmes in MAMPU.

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